DIEPPE CHESS FESTIVAL 25.8.18 – 1.9.18

Report and results:

There was a good English representation at the 14th annual chess festival organised by the local club “L’Echiquier Dieppois” and held at the Salle des Congres and Casino in the attractive seaside town on the “Alabaster Coast”.

In all 11 English flags were flown, divided between the Open A (1900+), Open B (-2000), Seniors 50+ and the Alabaster Coast Open (morning tournament)

Top English performance was by well-known Cheshire player Oliver Jackson who came 3rd in the Seniors Tournament with 7/9. The Seniors event has a record of strong English showing with wins by Trefor Thynne of Devon (2015) and Raymond Wynarczyk of Newcastle (2016) but the destiny of first place this year was never in doubt with former French champions Nicholas Giffard scoring a magnificent 8 out of 9.

The Open A was extremely powerful with a large number of GMs and IMs and overall the growing strength of French chess was seen right across the congress which attracted a total of 444 players.

The dynamic congress organiser, Olivier Delabarre, is keen to increase further the number of players tempted across the Channel for their annual festival (Dieppe is easily reached via the Newhaven ferry) and full details are available on the club’s excellent website: www.echiquier-dieppois.net


OPEN A (1900+) (87 players/ 9 rounds)

1st Eduardas Rozentalis (Lithuania 2503) 7 /9

2nd Normunds Miezis (Latvia 2462)/ Alexander Donchenko (Belgium 2612) 7

34th William Claridge-Hansen (2311) 5

39th Richard Britton ( 2237) 4

53rd Deborah Pass (1965) 4

73rd Brian Hewson (2012) 3

OPEN B (-2000) (145 players/ 9 rounds)

1st Hugues Mauffray (France 1890) 8

37th Peter Burgoyne (1690) 5

53rd William Berriffe (1721) 5

86th Kevin Langmaid (1424) 4

128th Zebedee Jones (1556) 3

SENIORS (50+) (90 players/ 9 rounds)

1st Nicholas Giffard (France 2265) 8

2nd Cyrille Vaugeois (France 2081) 7

3rd Oliver Jackson (2143) 7

22nd Trefor Thynne (1938) 5

Alabaster Coast Open (Morning tournament) (48 players/ 5 rounds)

17th David Turner 3

(There was also an OPEN C (- 1500) which attracted 74 mostly junior entrants but no English representation).

Results and report compiled by Trefor Thynne