Bird, H. E.

Chess History & Reminiscences

London 1893



Has sections on chess history, blindfold chess and a few game scores. Original brown cloth with bright gilt titles.   LN 236  VG+




Bird, H. E.

Chess Practice being a condensed and simplified record of the actual openings in the finest games played up to the present time, including the whole of the beautiful specimens contained in Chess Masterpieces, comprising those of Anderson, Bird, Blackburne, Boden, Buckle, Cochrane, Kolisch, Labourdonnais, Lowenthal, Macdonnell, Morphy, Staunton, Steinitz Zuckertort, and 35 others. 



London 1st ed. 1882



Original dark cloth.     LN 1822   Front binding a little tender o/w VG



Bird, H. E.

The Chess Openings considered Critically & Practically.        1st ed.  1877






Includes interesting long lists of subscribers in UK & US, including Sam Loyd who composed a special letter B problem for the book.

Original blue cloth boards with gilt title on spine.                  LN 1819                          Binding a little tender o/w G+





Bird, H. E.

Chess Novelties and their latest novelties with comparisons of the progress of chess openings of the past centuries and the present not dealt with in other works.

F. Warne

1st ed. 1895



Original blue cloth boards bearing attractive gilt design and lettering.    LN 1855                                    Spine dulled o/w VG




Bird, H. E.

Chess Novelties – another copy.




  Original maroon cloth boards.                                             VG+



Bird, H. E.

Chess Masterpieces comprising a collection of 150 games of the past quarter century, with Notes, including the finest games in the Exhibition of 1851 and the Vienna Tournament of 1873. 

London 1st ed.  1875



Maroon cloth boards. Insc. One of Bird’s scarcer titles. LN 3166                   VG




Cheshire, H

The Hastings Chess Tournament 1895 containing the authorised account of the 230 games played, with annotations by Pillsbury, Lasker, Tarrasch, Steinitz, Schiffers, Teichmann, Bardelben, Blackburne, Gunsberg, Tinsley, Mason, Albin and biographical sketches of the chess masters.



Chatto & Windus






   Excellent portrait and biographies of all 22 players. One of the most complete tournament books ever published – “the cornerstone of chess libraries everywhere”. 

This copy has been re-backed retaining original maroon cloth. Title page has a few smudges and one or two pp are frayed round the edges, but generally a tight copy.                                             G





Cook, W.

The Chess Primer – A stepping stone for beginners, teaching the preliminary details, supplemented by a series of illustrative games with reasons for every move appended.

London 1880



Original olive cloth boards bearing attractive design in black.

                                                                              LN 992        VG




Cook, W.

Cook’s Chess Synopsis – a synopsis of the chess openings.    4th ed. 1888




Original maroon cloth boards with some staining to front cover though internally clean.                  LN 1818                            G+




Cook, W.

The Complete Players’ Compendium – a practical guide to the openings. With new supplement by Alfred Emery.


5th ed. 1910



Original green cloth bearing attractive chess piece design & gilt titles.  LN 1883                                                                           VG




Cook, W.

The Compete Player’s Compendium – another copy




Re-bound in plain green cloth with original title page pasted in. VG



Crawley, Capt. R.

Chess & Draughts – Chess: its Theory & Practice to which is added a chapter on draughts.

London 1858



Original maroon cloth bearing gilt title and diagram.                   VG



Ellis, J. A.

Chess Sparks or Short & Bright Games of Chess                         1st ed.

London 1895



Re-backed retaining original fawn cloth with amusing blind stamped chess piece design. 200 miniatures games plus 7 page list of all tourneys & matches 1824 – 1894.    LN 3182  Small bookplate “Gervas Powell Glyn”.  Insc.  

                         Neat pencil ticks by games played through o/w   G+





Freeborough & Ranken , C

Chess Openings Ancient & Modern.

London 1896

3rd ed.



Original brown cloth boards with chessboard motif. Not in LN. Endpapers splitting & pages browning at edges.                      o/w G