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Michael Adams is an enthusiastic reader of the first issue of the American Chess Magazine.

It is not very often we can herald the advent of a new chess magazine primarily because such periodicals as "New in Chess" and "Chess & Bridge" together with "The British Chess Magazine" have held sway in the market. Now however, these doughty publications are being challenged by a magazine based in the United States that aims for an international following. Such is the "American Chess Magazine".

A similar periodical existed in the US carried by the wave of enthusiasm created by Bobby Fischer winning the World Championship in 1972 but with his departure from the scene there was no stimulant left for the interest to continue.  Consequently that magazine disappeared and there has been no replacement until now.  Now, carried by a renewed wave of interest created by the international success of Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura and Fabriano Curuana, we have a new and glossy replacement. Its principal management is in the hands of Josip Asik as Editor-in-Chief, backed up by Pete Tamburro as Managing Editor, who is supported by our own Jimmy Adams.  This is an enthusiastic team who have had the good sense to incorporate the expertise of Adams who has a good track record in the promotion of such publications.

I have used the description of "glossy" above and this is indeed "glossy" in the best sense of the word.  The art work supervised by Vladamir Vuksan is indeed first class and gives the magazine a very appealing ambience, making it a pleasure to read. Add to this some first class articles and the mix provides a product well worthy of the subscription. 

The intention is to publish four editions per annum, but as each edition is of 152 pages the yearly output is considerable.  To date (June 2017) two issues have been made with a third due very shortly.

At the moment I have the first issue which is clearly aimed at an American market but has sufficient international appeal to make this of world wide interest.

Here are some of the articles:

The World Title Match Carlsen vs Karjakin - 3 articles.
USA wins Gold after Nail-biting last round in Olympiad - 10 articles.
When the going gets tough - Vassily Ivanchuk
Endgame Trench Warfare - Jonathan Speelman
Fresh leaves from the bookshelf - Carsten Hansen
Novelty on Move 2 - Baadur Jobava
Chess Tech.  The Future is Here - Jon Edwards
Chess.com Behind the Scenes - Danny Rensch
Beauty of Chess Composition - Piotr Murdzia
My Olympiad Diary - Sam Shankland
.............. and many more.  
A full listing of  contents of Issues One and Two can be seen on the magazines' website - https://www.acmchess.com.  More informative videos can be seen on the Saint Louis Chess Academies' collection on You Tube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAtggMdjqhI

It is apparent from the subject of some articles that these will become regular items in the following issues.

Of course, games form the major subject of the magazine and these are well chosen and annotated, a feature being that the Editor encourages annotators to make free use of textual comments rather than extensive analysis. This makes the games more understandable to club players and avoids the use of a multitute of chess boards in order the follow the course of a game.

The annual subscription - $99 plus $20 for delivery costs to UK - may seem rather heavy, but I feel that this is in keeping with other periodicals particularly when the standard of presentation is taken into account.

I would recommend subscribing to this new publication, but should you wish to first sample the quality the first issue can be obtained from "New in Chess".

Bill Frost
July 2017